Prof. Satyawan Damle

I am honoured graduates of Govt Dental College & Hospital, Nagpur (1970-74 batch) I am delighted that our esteemed Organization has been serving since its establishment and serving the cause of oral care, education, and research for over 50 years. The existing excellence and eminence are the culmination of efforts of our myriad Alumni, adorable Teachers and students who gave their highest contribution beneath wonderful circumstances and under the challenging situations. It is indeed believed that the glory of an Institution rests on its beliefs. Incessant fervour, steadfastness, professional competency, and by putting in tireless efforts, by everyone. Our prestigious Institution have ensured that the pursuit for excellence is maintained. The services rendered by our College and Hospital for over the last 50 years are well known at the National and Intercontinental level. I fervently trust that giving back and compassion, both individual and collectively constitute a powerful tool for our advancement. I am pleased to state that under the dynamic leadership of present Dean Abhay Datarkar this great Organisation is making steady Progress. I wish that my alma matter to reach to zeniths of grandeur.