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Fire & Safety Mockdrill and Training in Government Dental College

In the post-Covid period, all medical and dental colleges have suffered life and financial losses in some fire incidents while trying to provide services beyond their capacity. This is the reason why the government, especially Divisional Commissioner and Deans of all colleges formed institutional fire safety committee.
Every year, fire safety training is organized in schools through this committee. This year second time a surprise Mockdrill conducted and with Help of NMC fire brigade team lead by Mr. Bhagwan Wagh all staff and students demonstrated fire and rescue procedure with departmental Mockdrills. Dean Dr. Abhay Datarkar always motivates staff to keep updated regarding safety procedures and also procures additional fire extinguishers for Institution. Committee chairman Dr. Prashant Pandilwar lead the drill while Dr. Rathod, Dr. Parate, Dr. Sushant, Dr. Kalpak, Dr. Damayanti, Dr. Manchanda, Dr. Bahetwar worked hard for success of Mockdrill.