Dr Rajiv Borle

My Alma mater, the GDC Nagpur in true sense is, was and shall ever remain my ” Caring and Nourishing Mother” or “Bountiful Mother” as it literally means. When I was an Under graduate student at GDC Nagpur, it was the 17th and the youngest Dental Institute to be established in the country. In Spite of being a stakeholder of this young institute, I was privileged to have great teachers, outstanding role models and exemplary mentors. Dentistry was not as evolved as it is today nor did this institution have the legacy of the colleges established long ago in Mumbai and other parts of the country, but the stakeholders were highly motivated and determined. As the dust settled and the institution got steadily established, it carved a place for itself in the country and the world.It is indeed an honor and privilege to be the proud alumnus of GDC Nagpur. Whatever I could achieve in my career, it is because of  my alma mater. The institute has pioneered in shaping the careers and professional contours of many Dental professionals. Apart from knowledge and skill, the entire ethos of professionalism and humanity like leadership qualities , zeal to excel, dedication and devotion to duty, engraved with values such as sympathy, empathy, service before self, profound respect for teachers, fellow colleagues, patients, elders were imparted to all the privileged alumni. The blend of quality education and virtues and values created many outstanding professionals, teachers, researchers, administrators who established themselves at National and International levels to become role models and icons, who inspired generations.This is the rich legacy of my Alma mater, the one and the only ‘GDC Nagpur’. I bow my head in reverence to this legendary institute. To conclude the lines written by Mena Kumari, a poetess par excellence are most befitting for GDC and its Alumni
” Aaghaz to hota hai,  anjam nahi hota, jab tak mere afsane me tera naam nahi hota”