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During the past 50 years, there has been an increasing amount of information available on the very broad discipline known as “Preventive and Community Dentistry” a name fast becoming obsolete and being replaced more aptly and precisely by “Public Health Dentistry. Public health is people’s health. Dental Public Health is a professional educational program that transforms one’s thinking from focusing on the individual patient to focus on the community. This program is designed to prepare health professionals who will, over time, improve the capacity of the health care system to address the health needs of population.  Public Health Dentistry forms the basis of dental health care services and holds the key for developing awareness about the social aspects of the profession and the responsibilities towards the community among all those who are engaged in this profession. 

The subject aims at making the masses aware about the importance of oral health & prevention of oral diseases as well as providing an accessible, affordable & sustainable oral health care especially to the disadvantaged, remote populations. The subject also tries to inculcate the importance of preventive procedures in the minds of young dentists so that oral diseases are averted & communities are protected from its adverse sequelae. For this, department consistently puts the best foot forward in the direction of conducting various dental outreach programs as well as organizing of various awareness activities for upliftment of community.

  • To improve the overall oral health  by educating and empowering the community.

  • To provide highest quality of dental care which should be accessible, affordable & sustainable to the communities at their doorsteps along with spreading awareness about the significance of oral health amongst the public and to emphasize on prevention rather than  treatment.
  • We strive to make this region free from oral diseases.


  • To develop the department in the direction of starting MDS course.


  • To avail best preventive modalities as well as treatment for patients in the department.


  • To plan & start comprehensive dental clinic in Annex building under the department for patient health education & motivation.


  • To upgrade the departmental library