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Painting young minds with the colours of dentistry

The first BDS Induction ceremony – Jagruti 2021 for batch 2021-2022, organized on 11/07/22 was held at the auditorium of Government Dental College and Hospital, Nagpur. The ceremony, hosted by Academic Curriculum Committee. Wasundhara Bhad, Dr. Suryakant Deogade ( Incharge UG), Dr. Jyoti Wankhade And Dr. Akshay Dhoble, it was graced by the presence of all heads of departments, teaching staff as well as the first and second BDS students.


The event started off with an informative session by Dr Akshay Dhoble Sir where he meticulously familiarized the students with the MUHS university curriculum. He also called on first BDS students, Anjali Shende and Abhishek Vishwakarma to present the university dress code in English as well as Marathi.


The stage was passed over to first BDS students who showcased a role play on their lives before and after they stepped through the gates of GDCH Nagpur.


A first year BDS student Nisihta Chimani shed light upon the accomplishments of our respected Dean Sir, Dr Abhay Datarkar. Dr. Abhay Datarkarsir (Dean) not only gave a heartwarming welcome to the students but also mentioned the rules and regulations of the college with a dose of the motivational tale at the end.


Deans Sir’s address was followed up by the vice Dean Ma’am ,Dr Wasundhra Bhad.  She inspired students with the living example of dean sir who once walked these halls as a student and now walks as the dean of this prestigious institute.


Dr Mangesh Phadnaik Sir, vice dean of the institute offered a warm welcome and felicitation to first year BDS students for becoming a part of the GDCH Family.


Soon after, Dr Jyoti Wankhade introduced the esteemed faculty of GMC and GDCH to the students, who also introduced themselves to their respected teachers and seniors. Teachers took interest in students’ hobbies which varied from singing and poetry to sports and martial arts.

The event ended with a cordial meeting between faculty and parents of the 1st BDS student.