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Prosthodontics & Crown & Bridge

Prosthodontics & Crown & Bridge

With state-of-the-art infra-structure, the Department of Prosthodontics, Govt Dental College & Hospital, Nagpur, tends to a wide demography of Central India (Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, parts of adjoining Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh) towards prosthetic rehabilitative efforts. Under the able guidance of Dr T.M. Udani in 1967, the department was meticulously planned to provide under-graduate training along with a Clinical set-up with assisted laboratory facility. The Department has since been headed by eminent clinicians and academicians from the world of Prosthodontics, such as Late Dr S.M. Joshi (1969), Dr K.V. Subbarao (up to 1976), Dr S.B. Master, Dr Sabita Ram, Late Dr Aruna Mehta, Late Dr R.D. Parkhedkar and Late Dr Santosh Puri. With the post-graduate training program introduced in 1984, the horizons of prosthodontic treatment expanded to include super-specialized treatment approaches.

The Department is equipped with a pre-clinical laboratory (designed in 1969 by Dr S.M. Joshi), an undergraduate clinic, a post-graduate clinic and allied laboratory facilities as updated as CAD-CAM technology and Additive Manufacturing systems.

The Department is currently being headed by Dr Arun Khalikar and provides under-graduate and post-graduate training and clinical expertise in the field of Prosthodontics, Maxillo-facial prosthetics and Implantology. We are headed towards establishing a dedicated ‘Digital Dentistry’ training program and a ‘Maxillo-facial Rehabilitation Center’ for the prosthetic rehabilitation of patients debilitated by malignancies and devastating fungal pathoses like Mucormycosis.