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National toothbrushing day celebrated by Government Dental College and Hospital Nagpur

National tooth brushing day is observed every year on 7th November. On this occasion Department of Public Health Dentistry, Government Dental College and Hospital Nagpur also organised various events to increase awareness about toothbrushing.

On 7th November 2022 on occasion of National Toothbrushing Day Department of Public Health Dentistry Lunched “Beyond the toothpaste campaign”. The campaign is launched because now days electronic media is flooded with advertisement of various toothpastes. Such advertisements have masked the importance of toothbrushing and creates a misconception that using toothpaste is enough for maintaining oral hygiene. Through this campaign we would educate public that toothpaste is just the medium it does not matter what kind of toothpaste is used daily as long as it is fluoridated, what is important is correct brushing technique. “Toothpaste can fight only when the Tooth brushing is right.”

To mark this event, we have organised oral health awareness lectures followed by oral health check up for around 3000 students of Narayana Vidhaylayam, Chinch Bhuvan Wardha Road Nagpur. All the students were given toothbrushing demonstration, and were made aware about oral hygiene, 5 golden rules of oral hygiene were also told to students. slogan competition was also organised for the students, prizes were also distributed for best slogans.

The program was organised under the guidance of Dr. Sachin Khatri Associate Professor and Head Department of Public Health Dentistry. Event was hosted by Dr. Ankit Bapat and Nisha Yadav. Dr. Noopur Kokane assistant professor gave the tooth brushing demonstration to all students. Dr. Santost Chavhan, Dr. Shilpa Warhekar, and Dr. Aniket Dhote, played a vital role in making the program successful. More than 30 students and interns enthusiastically, participated in the event.