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Lively Interaction Nurturing Knowledge (LINK)

Change is inevitable, and in order to adapt to it in the workplace, it becomes crucial to upgrade skills and knowledge to keep up with the rapid transformation from traditional technology to modern digital technology. Learning and mastering newer techniques and enriching ourselves with growing knowledge are essential for staying abreast of advancements. Additionally, conducting research benefits both our patients and the community.

LINK NXT – MAOC (Multidisciplinary Approach to Oral Care) is a post-graduate interdisciplinary activity that brings together different disciplines such as dental, medical, engineering, etc., on a common platform for healthy interaction and knowledge exchange.

LINK (Lively Interaction Nurturing Knowledge) is a PG Club that was established in 2003 and has now been upgraded to LINK NXT MAOC. The aim is to provide the best treatment plan and comprehensive oral care for the benefit of the patients. It offers insights into current modalities of various specialties, enabling post-graduate students to learn about comprehensive treatment planning through case-based, evidence-based, and problem-based learning, ultimately achieving complete oral care.

Interdisciplinary collaboration involves researchers, students, and teachers from different academic schools of thought, professions, and technologies. This collaboration brings together diverse perspectives and expertise to solve complex problems that require an understanding of multiple disciplines.

During this activity, post-graduate students present their excellent integrated presentations, showcasing their commitment to clinical and academic excellence. Over the years, this activity has gained momentum and will surely reach even greater heights with the enthusiastic and energetic post-graduates, who are the backbone of this institution and the future responsible healthcare workers of society.