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Intern club activity

The annual event of intern’s club scientific presentation programme was successfully conducted on 4th sep 2023. This event served as a platform for interns to showcase the diverse cases they had managed during their internships, with the overarching goal of fostering healthy interaction and knowledge exchange among interns while striving for optimal patient care. This event not only provided a platform for our dedicated interns to showcase their remarkable cases but also served as a testament to the spirit of collaboration and the pursuit of knowledge that define our academics.
Ten interns presented their cases, and the judging panel included Dr. Jyoti Manchanda and Dr. Amit Parate.
The program commenced with a warm welcome extended to the Dean, Vice Dean, and judges. Dr. Sadhana Raina, the Intern Incharge, delivered a heartfelt speech. Dr. Sadhana Raina’s heartfelt speech set the tone for a day filled with insightful presentations. The presentations began with the following interns and their respective topics:
1. Ankita Deshmukh: “Radix Entomolaris and Paramolaris – Clinical Approach in Endodontics.”
2. Nigarish Qazi: “Endodontic Crown.”
3. Aditi Mhasal: “Restoration of Mutilated Teeth.”
4. Riya Shukla: “Complete Denture Using the Neutral Zone Technique.”
5. Ruchita Gharde: “Management of Oblique Crown and Root Fracture with Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite.”
6. Mansi Aswani: “Management of Sunken Cheeks Using Magnet Retained Detachable Cheek Plumper – A Case Report.”
7. Komal Paryani: “Composite Build-Up of Posterior Teeth.”
8. Muskan Dhanwani: “Ultrasonic Retrieval of Separated Instruments.”
9. Shreya Jain: “Post and Core.”
10. Prajwal Kolhe: “Esthetic Rehabilitation.”
Each intern’s case illuminated the remarkable dedication and competence that our interns have developed during their internships, all with the overarching goal of delivering the highest level of patient care. Certificates were awarded to all participants immediately following their presentations. After all the cases were presented, Vice Dean Dr. Manjusha Waradpande delivered an inspiring speech to motivate the students.
Mansi Dhote received the first prize, and Ankita Deshmukh was honored with the second prize. The program concluded with a call to carry forward the spirit of learning and collaboration embodied by the Interns Club as students continue their academic journey. Today’s event was a great success due to the collective efforts of all involved, and there are high expectations for even greater achievements in the future.