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Attribute 1: In-depth clarity of knowledge of discipline of dentistry

Graduates have a deep conceptual understanding of the defined subjects and have the ability to apply the knowledge in various clinical settings. They are capable of analysing different schools of thought and integrating multi- disciplinary approaches for oral health care.

Attribute 2: Problem solving attitude

Graduates are well equipped to analyse various clinical and on-field scenarios and implement the best suited solutions

Attribute 3: Leadership and communication skills

Graduates collaborate together with peers and are honed to assume leadership in order to achieve combined targets and are also capable of effectively communicating to a larger audience.

Attribute 4: Ethical Principles and empathetic attitude

Graduates are sensitive towards all strata of society and embrace the cultural diversity of the country. They are polite and interact amongst patients and peers with a compassionate touch

Attribute 5: Orientation towards research

Graduates are well acquainted with basic research methodology, are capable of recognising and conducting relevant research

Attribute 6: Astute Practice Management skills

Graduates are confident to establish their independent setup including state of the art technology. They efficiently communicate with peers and auxiliary staff to run a successful venture. They are capable of providing complete satisfactory dental care to their patients.

Attribute 7: Entrepreneurship qualities

Graduates are conditioned come out with innovations. They are confident to establish flourishing careers as entrepreneurs and are also competent with efficient management skills

Attribute 8: Higher accomplishments

Graduates perform and excel at various national and international platforms and strive to achieve higher qualifications

Attribute 9: Digital competency

Graduates are up to date with contemporary digital resources to keep abreast with changing times in the digital era

Attribute 10: Emotional resilience and positive attitude

Graduates have a strong positive attitude to cope up with the ups and downs associated with the profession. They are resilient to successfully tide over hurdles in order to establish a successful career